FinalBudo is a method of self defense fresh, new, modern, pretends to make you some curiosity to discovery, personal research, functional training in each of the areas to be developed.

Striking techniques, trapping, takedowns, ground fighting and urban weapons.

Learn to defend yourself in a fast, effective and real way. In Finalbudo you'll develop your gut, your intuition and intelligence. Do not let anyone limit, develop your qualities in a friendly environment where principles are important as are the values ​​transmitted.

The program Finalbudo MMA & DEFENCE METHOD fits anyone, this discipline combines technical knowledge, development and application of each technique. work developed based on many years of training and research in various areas: fitness / biomechanics / striking techniques / trapping-demolition / submission soil / fighter / application in the street.

Students learn in a personalized way, with a progressive and structured training levels. Improve physical capacity, increase their motivation and maintain a positive mental attitude. Your trust and confidence increases and most importantly begin to believe in themselves.


 "Key FINALBUDO method"

Constancia, exercise capacity, always training.

Roland Madrid



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Presentando tu carnet de socio en cada una de estas empresas tendrás un descuento especial en tus compras.

Esta es una de las muchas ventajas que tiene ser socio de FINALBUDO y pertenecer a un Club donde cada uno de sus socios cuenta y aporta sus ideas con esfuerzo y dedicación.